JLo Glow Inspired Makeup Look

Today's post will be a product breakdown of a popular look I uploaded onto my Instagram a little while ago.

Highlighted Skin

Glowing, radiant skin is something that most people, regardless of age, long for.
For this look, there was a heavy focus on creating a gorgeous bronze highlighted skin with a 'lit from within' feel. 
To create it I applied thin layers of a few different illuminating products, as you want different intensities of highlight on particular areas of the face.

Prep Step 
Prep the skin thoroughly with your favourite face wash - preferably exfoliate if there is any texture present & add a thin layer of your favourite lotion /cream. Let this sink in...have a coffee ;)

Get Lit
Now the fun begins, I like to prep the skin with an illuminating lotion (creams sit too heavily on my oily skin) product suggestions from high end, low end and everything in between include: 

in whichever shades suits your skin tone best, I like to use Soho Glow/Piccadilly Glow

I love Golden glow - there is an alternative to this cream with a little bit of coverage to help warm up your complexion which is the L'oreal Glam Bronze GG cream which I found on the Fragrance Direct site for only £4.99 

I adore Opal

Lastly, if you prefer a product that gives you a little pick me up that doesn't rely on reflective pearl pigments or shimmers to give you a glow you could try cult product: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm £31

Ultimately, there are a plethora of choices to suit whatever your budget may be so I would recommend shopping around and swatching formulas to ultimately determine which you like the texture & finish of best.

Next, apply your foundation, my personal suggestion would be something with a thin consistency to allow the glow to show through from the liquid illuminator. I love the Invisiwear Foundation by EX1 Cosmetics £12.50. It has a gorgeous glowing finish that isn't too shiny, medium coverage and sits comfortably on the skin.

Definition Is Key
When adding definition to a look like this I love to work with creams as they blend beautifully, give a softer finish and you can create that gorgeous warm halo around the perimeters of the face that Jennifer is known for without it sitting too heavily or being distinctly detectable

I love the convenience of the Benefit Quickie Hoola Stick £23.50

Sleek palettes offer a versatile range of shades with their cream contour palettes £10.99 (currently on sale in Superdrug for £8.99)

I found the L'oreal infallible sculpt palette at a steal for £4.99 on fragrance direct & whilst I was there also found a handy contour palette by lord & berry £25 that includes a blush as well as concealer and bronzer shades.

On the higher end side of things I adore the Tom Ford shade and illuminate palette £58, this cream is not full coverage so blends out beautifully and discreetly, making it first timer friendly- if it suits your budget.

To Set Is To Stay
For a look like this I like to only set the t-zone and under eye, this helps keep the look as glowing as possible and retains the effect of all of that skin prep. I use a damp beauty blender sponge and work a small amount of powder into the skin with firm pressing motions.

If you wanted this to last all day you would need to set your entire face but please note this will obviously take the glowy effect down a notch. 
I love spraying a healthy amount of MAC Fix+ for the glow factor after powder. A setting spray will soften the flat look of powder & help it look more 'skin like'.

Dress to Impress
To 'dress up the face' as I like to say, use your favourite bronzer/blush.. or both! If doing both try to choose a tone of blush that is in keeping with the feel of this look. So, depending on your skin tone, opt for peaches, apricots or oranges.

MAC Peaches £19.50
A fresh uplifting shade that really adds life to your look.

Sleek Life's A Peach £4.99
Purse friendly & pigmented, a little goes a long way!

Bourjois Tomette £5.99
No Longer available but found at a steal of a price, so grab now before it's gone forever. A Gorgeous creamy texture that has a slight shimmer.

Nars Frenzy £30
If you want to splurge, this is stunning. On one side a gorgeous warm blush, the other, a gleaming highlight. Use shades alone or mix together.

You're On My Glow'dar
For a look with serious glow factor, I like to layer different highlighting products. I have been loving Barry M's Liquid Chrome highlight drops recently, they are insanely pigmented and sit beautifully on the skin.With 6 shades to choose from, find the one most appropriate for your colouring, I personally use the shade Liquid Fortune

Now you could stop here, but if you're after that ethereal glow you can apply a powder highlight on top to intensify the effect. 

Some of my favourites include:

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Oh, Darling! £24.50
This cult favourite is sure to have you seen from a mile off - if you find this shade too gold have a look at their other shades, there are 7 in total.

Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss Palette £9.99
This palette is both stunning & versatile. Including both cream & powder highlighters.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle £24.50
A soft, baked highlighter which goes on smoothly & sits beautifully on the skin giving it an angelic quality.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer £19.99
Another cult product, This highlighter is slightly less gold than MAC's Oh Darling making it more suitable for paler skin tones. This is a personal favourite of mine.

All Eyes On You
For my eyes, I kept it simple as the real star of the show for this look was the skin. A palette with matte warm neutral tones will work best. 
Start with a mid-tone warm brown into the crease for soft definition and add a soft swipe of a shimmery nude/your highlighter onto your lids. I find that a slightly deeper tone works best as if you go too light your eyes will look washed out & small. Lashings of your favourite volume-building mascara to complete.
I love Huda Beauty's Rose Gold Palette (£56) I get so much use out of it, for both natural day and glamorous evening looks.Grab it now before it's gone as apparently it's limited edition.

For those on a budget, ELF has you covered. The colours in the new Mad for matte palette 2 (£12.50) are bang on trend.

This release pretty much broke the internet. Urban Decay did it again with their Naked Heat Palette £39.50 .Intensely pigmented & creamy, my new go-to.

& That's all folks! 
As always, I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Please do let me know if you try this look & feel free to ask any questions if you need help!

Fragrance Direct has an extra 10% off today only until 10 pm, so I've linked a few products to their site, they now stock some amazing high-end brands like Nars and Sisley Paris so make the most of this discount & stock up on those gems- use the code: FLASHTEN at the checkout..you're welcome ;

Spectra Carbon Peel At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

After having such a great experience with my hydra facial at Premier Laser & Skin Clinic in Notting Hill, I went back to try a new treatment, highly recommended by the staff at the clinic.


The Spectra Carbon Peel is a laser-based facial that promises a broad range of benefits including:
  • Evening the Skin Tone
  • Improvement of pigmentation
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Helping to combat inflammation & redness
  • Controlling excess sebum production
  • Helping to restore damaged skin
As someone who has oily skin prone to blemishes & also suffers from pigmentation as a result of breakouts, this sounded like a fantastic fit for the needs of my skin.

What To Expect
To begin, protective eyewear will be popped on & after a thorough cleansing of the skin, a black photo enhancer lotion is applied; the practitioner explained that the laser targets the area in which this lotion is applied due to its colour.

A few passes of the laser will be performed, this heats up the pores & helps eliminate any active acne. The laser vaporizes the lotion and lightly ablates the top layer of dead skin. This process can be clearly seen in the video & is quite satisfying to watch! The practitioner repeats this process 3 times for optimal results.

What Does It Feel/Sound Like?
Expect to feel concentrated heat where the laser makes contact with your skin. It may feel uncomfortable at times but in my opinion, it never hurts.
Some of the equipment will be loud at certain points with beeping sounds. This isn't a relaxing massage based facial it is more time efficient and results focused!

How Long Does It Take? What Is The Downtime?
I was surprised at how quickly the facial was performed, I was in and out in approximately 45 minutes! & with minimal downtime, this would make the perfect pre occasion facial, no wonder it's a favourite amongst celebrities!

With my personal experience, for the rest of the day, I followed the practitioner's advice and did not wear makeup. I really wanted to just let my skin rest to really make the most of the treatment. I didn't experience much redness at all, I may have felt & looked a little bit flushed,  effects similar to that of a good workout session, so nothing that would make you feel self-conscious on the way home.

What Results Did You Experience?
 In the week following the facial, day by day, my skin was looking more even & upon close inspection in the mirror, I definitely noticed a big improvement in the appearance of the texture of my skin and the size of my pores. I always have realistic expectations when it comes to facials and never expect miracles, so whenever I see significant results it's always a welcome surprise.

I definitely see why this facial is so popular and would without a doubt return for another session as I believe the results were worth it! 
I am a huge fan of peels in general and do regular acid-based peels which can sometimes cause dryness, tightness & if at a particularly high concentration cause flakiness, which is obviously very inconvenient, so to have a treatment that gives the same if not better results without the downtime gets a big thumbs up from me!

If you are interested in experiencing this facial for yourself I highly recommend visiting Premier Laser Clinic's website to find your nearest located clinic & read up in detail about the procedure. If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this facial I would recommend booking in for a free consultation to speak to a trained professional and establish the best treatment plan for the needs of your skin- I've always found the ladies there to be very helpful and informative in regards to any questions I had.

As an exclusive benefit to my readers, please feel free to quote my name (Gina Faria) for an exclusive £25 off your first treatment! & 
If you wish to commit to a series of treatments they offer discounts when you book in bulk.

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post! Until next time.

My Hydra Facial Experience at Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

I recently went for a facial at the premier laser and skin clinic in Notting hill, this particular facial intrigued me as it consisted of quite a few steps and seemed like a good 'fine-tuning' session for the skin.

I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts with visible pores and that feels a bit dull sometimes especially post breakout. So I was excited to go for a treatment that promised refined texture and tighter pores with no down time.


The Hydra Facial consists of 6 steps using a handheld tool with interchangeable vortex heads.

1. Detox - Lymphatic drainage (using large 'sucking' tool) is performed to help increase circulation and blood flow - this helps tone and firm the skin.

2. Cleansing and Exfoliation - Switching to a smaller attachment this gently exfoliates dead skin cells whilst a serum containing lactic acid, glucosamine, and botanical extracts are deposited onto the face.

3. Brightening Agent - A solution consisting of Glycolic & Salicylic acid helps loosen debris from the pores in preparation for the extraction phase and over time improves the texture of the skin. Salicylic acid is particularly useful for improving problematic skin. The concentration of the acids increases over time as your tolerance improves - up to a maximum of 30%

4. Extraction - Performed without the pain associated with traditional manual extractions. This stage helps remove black heads and draw out impurities using a mixture of salicylic acid and honey extract.

5. Hydration - This stage deposits a mixture of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants & peptides to replenish skin. Resulting in a fresh and plump appearance.

6. Rejuvenation - Red & Blue LED Lights. Red light helps stimulate collagen and accelerate healing so its benefits suit a wide variety of skin concerns particularly if you have skin that is inflamed & acneic. Blue helps to kill bacteria that can cause blemishes.

I was left astonished at how immediate the results were, a quick peek in the bathroom mirror before I left and the noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin and minimized pore size was undeniable. My skin wasn't red or irritated (i have previously had microdermabrasion before which left me red for hours post treatment as my skin is quite sensitive) it simply looked refined and refreshed - a HUGE thumbs up from me! 

If you are interested in booking I would highly recommend visiting the lovely people at premier laser and skin, they have various branches around London so there's bound to be a location suitable for everyone. 
I will link their website >here< Feel free to quote my name for an exclusive £25 your first treatment! If you wish to commit to a series of treatments (1 per month) they offer discounted yearly packages as well which are great value for money.

As always thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post! Until next time.

Harley Academy Clinics

I recently visited the Harley Academy Clinics near canary wharf (i visited the one within Lyca Health - they have several locations) after a friend of mine reached out to let me know about the clinic. 

Images obtained from google

I was instantly intrigued by their professional and educational approach to cosmetic treatments; their ethos is centred around ensuring that only medical professionals perform cosmetic injectables by providing a safe and regulated environment for their postgraduates to hone their skills.


It is alarming that at present there are actually no legislation's in regards to who is permitted to perform these procedures, in simple terms training providers will accept anyone (most commonly beauty therapists & aestheticians) onto courses to learn these techniques with no prior medical backgroundI understand that for some people the significantly lower cost in going to some of these establishments may be tempting however the potentially dangerous consequences could be both physically and mentally damaging. An in depth understanding of the human anatomy and vascular system only achieved by being a trained medical professional is indisputably of higher importance than cost when choosing a practitioner for your cosmetic treatments. This is something that is not guaranteed if you don't get a medical professional to perform these treatments for you and this is where Harley academy clinics bridges the gap between the two, by providing a safe & professional environment for clients to attain affordable treatments in return for your participation in the training of their graduates.

The Set Up / My Experience

The clinic has a large reception area as soon as you walk in so you are quickly seen to. The clinic is spacious and clean with several large treatment rooms which look pristine.

Images obtained from google

From start to finish i felt very comfortable in the hands of my doctor who after a polite introduction first asked me to discuss any concerns i had. 
We then got into a facial analysis, a process where the doctor looks at your face in thirds and discusses potential treatments that they feel may be suitable to achieve your desired look/improve any facial asymmetries present. This process felt natural and definitely not pushy or impersonal.I particularly enjoyed this as the doctor really explained in detail possible causes for the concerns i raised; for example explaining that lines around the nose could be improved by a subtle cheek enhancement where someone could have initially assumed they may need their smile lines filled. Or sleeping on a particular side of your face could result in flattening of the cheek. 

After we completed the facial analysis a treatment plan was constructed with a strong overall aim of maintaining a natural look to the face. With every step of this interaction the doctors really involve the graduates and get them to ask their own questions, ensuring that they are a part of the process as much as you are,i think that this is an excellent form of hands on training.

The doctor proceeds with the treatments that you both agree to, a consent form is signed making you aware of every possible side affect and ensuring that you are informed on exactly what is being used ,what is being treated and why. 
The graduates observe and perform part of the procedure themselves, for example botox could be administered in one area by the main doctor and another by the graduate.

After your procedures are completed they provide you with in depth after care information to ensure you attain the best results.

Described bellow are some of the popular treatments they provide:

Tear trough treatment
The filling of the under eye area to improve darkness caused by shadowing from the loss off fat under the eye. This procedure is performed using filler to lift and improve any depression under the eyes, resulting in a smoother look decreasing the appearance of darkness. (This does not work as well for those who have significant bags under the eyes) 
(my personal results photos)

Cheek Filler
If you lack volume in the mid section of your face i have seen fantastic results from people who have had cheek enhancements. This provides a youthful lift to the mid section and a gorgeous contours to the structure of the face.
Images obtained from Harley Academy Clinics website

Relaxes muscles that form wrinkles & lines. This treatment results in a refreshed and smoother look to the face. Particularly popular around the eyes and forehead. 
Images obtained from Harley Academy Clinics website

Lip Filler
To improve lack/loss of fullness. This is perfect for those wanting to enhance the plumpness of the lips or restore volume caused by factors such as ageing or smoking.

Images obtained from Harley Academy Clinics website

To conclude i have had such a positive experience i couldn't recommend this clinic enough, i have already recommended them to friends and family. I love their in depth consultations and their strong ethos towards educating both their graduates and clients a like.

You can register to be considered for being a model here for a reduced rate of £100 per ml filler / syringe of Botox.

(Please bare in mind this offer is in acknowledgement of the fact that you will have graduates perform (part) procedures on you. Only be in touch with them if you are 100% comfortable with this - rest assured you are in safe hands - for further information read here

Fresh Spring Look With Glossy Skin

With spring in full swing i was inspired to create this fresh dewy look with hints of peach and a focus on glowing skin.

Glossy Skin, Dewy Skin, Spring Make up

I recently came across an old sleek palette that i had in my palettes draw and thought that the rose gold and peach tones would work perfectly for this look. Adding shimmer and warmth to the eye, a combination that works perfectly for this season. 
To add that extra glimmer i added a sweep of MAC Studio eye gloss in Pearl Varnish for an ethereal feel.
I paired this up with Lancome Teint Miracle foundation as it has a gorgeous finish with just the right amount of coverage for a look like this.

To keep the skin fresh i left it un-powdered to retain that dewiness.

Sleek Makeup,Rodial Skincare,Lancome Cosmetics,Dr paw paw, MAC Cosmetics,

To prep the skin i started with MAC Peachlite strobe cream followed by the Lancome foundation. 

As i wanted to add definition to the face without it being too visible i opted for the cream contour palette by Sleek. The texture of this product is very smooth and blend able which when applied properly results in a gorgeous discreet sculpted look
I popped a touch of Lancome's My Parisian blush in corail de ville (sadly an old limited edition) on the apples of the cheeks and then added a touch of my trusty Dr.Paw Paw balm on the high points of the face to polish off the skin and give it that skincare glow.

Sleek Makeup,Rodial Skincare,Lancome Cosmetics,Dr paw paw, MAC Cosmetics,Sigma Brushes

To frame the eyes i used my NYX Cosmetics eyebrow cake powder palette in dark brown with an angled brush to define the brows, finishing them off with a slick of the control freak clear brow set.

Finally on the lips i loved rediscovering 'barely there' lipstick by Sleek. The texture is divinely creamy therefor doesn't highlight any texture on the lips.
It has the most gorgeous balance of coral & nude; suited to a lot of skin tones. (particularly medium - medium tan complexions) & at only £4.99 you cant go wrong.

Here is a link to the synthetic sigma brush set i used for the eye look - very important to me as i am allergic to natural hair, i also find that synthetic hair brushes are less prone to staining and easier to clean. 

Enjoy a 10 % Discount off the entire sigma website by using the code : GINAFARIA

As always thanks for popping by & i hope you liked the look,

Reverse Liner Look

Today's post will be detailing the key products used to create the look i posted on Instagram today.

With polished dewy skin and a muted pink lip the focus was kept on the bright blue liner.

Sigma smokescreen palette, sigma brush kit, sigma indigobird liner, sigma E58, sigma E44, sigma E30

For the eyes i started with applying a thin layer of concealer to even out the tone of the lid. I then started by lining my waterline, lower lash line & then sketching out the liner design with the Indigobird liner, cleaning up when necessary with a small concealing brush dipped in makeup remover to achieve a crisp edge. 
I then blended the edges of the pencil with the E30 Pencil brush blending this into the Nebula shade from the Smokescreen palette to create a subtle gradient & add a touch of shimmer.

To complete the eyes and add that 'pièce de la résistance' i applied the Pearl Varnish Eye gloss by MAC with the E58 brush in long firm sweeping motions - application technique is key with a gloss to get a nice smooth appearance.

I have found a >Brush set< on the Sigma website that actually includes all of the brushes i used for this look which is super handy. The reason i love this brush set is that it is all synthetic hair - particularly important to me as i have an allergy to natural hair brushes. I also find them easier to clean and less prone to staining. Synthetic brushes are also suitable for liquid and cream product as well as powder unlike natural hair which is only suited to powder products.

Reverse Liner, Liner Looks, Blue Trend Eye Makeup, Eye Focus Makeup, Sigma Indigobird, Sigma Rosette Lip Eclipse, MAC Pearl Varnish, Eye gloss,

To highlight the skin i have started steering away from powder highlighters recently, opting for my new favourite product by MAC - Shine mixing medium. This product gives the skin a gorgeous healthy skincare sheen which looks a lot more natural than a powder highlight. 
Those with Dry or mature skin may prefer a product like this to a powder product that they may feel enhances any texture present on the skin.
The only place i lightly powdered was my under eye - which is essential to prevent concealer creasing.

I always like to keep my brows looking polished and defined, for this i enjoy using the eyebrow cake powder duo (in dark brown) by NYX Cosmetics to fine tune my shape using an angled brush, i then finish them off by applying their clear bow set using upward strokes to help add texture to the brows.

To add definition to the cheeks i opted for the cream contour palette by Sleek  (in medium) This product is not only easy to blend but because of its creamy texture it helps preserve the dewy appearance of the skin.

For the Lip i quickly lined my lips with Whirl lip liner by MAC and then patted on Rosette Lip Eclipse by Sigma - a gorgeous full coverage comfortable gloss.

As always i hope you liked the look but before you go i'll leave you with a discount code for the Sigma website in case you want to pick up any of the products used in this post :) please pop 'SIGMA2017' in the discount code box at the checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase.

'Petrol Spill' Look

The inspiration for this look started with me playing around with a few items from the MAC Kabuki collection that came out not too long ago. The crystal glaze glosses in particular really caught my eye. 

Petrol Spill Lip Art, Galaxy Lip Art

I started by both lining & filling in the entire lip with Feline eye pencil, i then topped this with the 'overnight sensation' paint from the kabuki collection.

Next I layered the crystal glaze glosses in colours 'it's a great feeling' & 'ice follies' on opposite sides.

Ice follies has blue & pink reflective pigments that catch the light beautifully. 'It's a great feeling' is a red gloss with a warm orange pearl running through it; it creates a rich berry tone on top of the paint and black liner.

Petrol Spill Lip Art, Galaxy Lip Art

All of these colours work harmoniously and reminded me of the rainbow of colours you see in a petrol spill because of the way the glosses catch the light. 

mac feline, mac overnight sensation, mac its a great feeling, mac ice follies


To keep the focal key the lips i decided to keep the eyes neutral with a touch of soft definition. To achieve this i used Rimmel magnif'eyes Pencil in 'Queens of a bronze age' I used the light shade all over the lid then the bronze shade as a soft liner by the lash line.

To amp up the look that bit further i added a generous amount of the ice follies gloss on top to get that gorgeous high shine.

Petrol Spill Lip Art, Galaxy Lip Art, Wet hair look, Edgy Makeup look, Glossy eye makeup.


To keep the skin fresh i used a MAC face & Body water based foundation to give a beautiful glow to the skin. I team this up with their pro long wear concealer to boost coverage in problematic / oily areas, keeping the cheeks glowing but t-zone matte for a controlled glow.

For the cheeks i just wanted to add a bit of warmth with minimal blush, to achieve this i used Sisley powder gel bronzer onto the perimeters of the face whilst paying the most attention to the cheekbones.

I always like to use powder shadows to shape my brows as i like a soft but defined look.For this particular look i used NYX Dark brown eyebrow palette along side their clear brow set to lock the brow hairs in place whilst adding texture.


Finally with a heavy focus on glossy skin, eyes and lips. I thought a wet hair look would compliment this the best giving it more of an edgy feel.

As always thank you for stopping by. I hope the look has inspired you to try something new!